Monthly Archives: June 2013

Control those shoelaces!

So if your like me you hate it when your shoelaces tickle your ankles, especially when running. If so I have a quick fix for you, and a slightly quicker fix as well.

First the quick fix. Take a short piece of Velcro (hook and loop tape, whatever you want to call it) and poke a few holes in it and add two grommets to it.

Shoelace control!
Shoelace control!

Once it is laced onto your shoe it does a fine job.


And now the quicker method. Take a twist tie and use it to tie the flapping laces to the crossed laces. This works great, I used it for more then a year, until you need to take your shoe off in a hurry and you have stripped off all the plastic from the twisty. Sorry no pics.

Now I’m off to make a few more lace controllers for the motorcycle boots. The last thing I want is to get the laces caught in the chain or rear wheel. Yikes!

Temperature Graph Update

Today I added weekly, monthly and yearly graphs, as well as breaking the cron job into 3 different ones. One that runes every minute. An hourly and a monthly one.

I also learned that if you have a large dataset and you are using rrdtool to pull data from MySQL it can take a long time. This is completely understandable as rrdtool is optimized to use rrd (round robin data) files.

The last thing is that I had a few days where the temperature sensor could not reach the main server to insert data into the DB. This pointed out the need to cache the data locally then attempt to upload it, allowing for connection outages. This will be my next upgrade to the system.