Temperature Update

At this point I am monitoring the temperature in my office, our bedroom and outside.

The outside sensor is in a north east window and gets some sun in the mornings. It is a black sensor in clear tape (a cheap-o water resisting, not water proofing). This causes it’s temperature to spike when the sun is on it.

An attempted fix. I took a little foil packet from an Emergen-C and turned it inside out. This gives it a little shade, and a touch of reflectivity. Tomorrow AM I hope to see a slight mediation of the sun’s warming effect.

The hardware setup has changed a bit for the second and third sensors.

The second sensor is a Arduino UNO with a DS18B20 One Wire temperature sensor and a nRF24L01+ radio attached. The whole mess is connected to a RaspberryPI via a USB cable. The rPI listens for temperature data from the Arduino via the serial interface. It then sends the data to the remote server for processing. The Arduino also listens on the nRF24L01+ radio for data from other sensors and relays the data to the rPI.

The third sensor is a home brew stand alone Arduino-ish thing. It also has a DS18B20 and a nRF24L01+ attached. It collects the temperature and sends it to the second sensor/relay for processing.

The nice thing about the second and third sensors is that the Arduino side of things is basically the same. Just the software on the two differ. I have created a circuit board layout using Fritzing. I sent the board layout off to Seeedstudio.com and am awaiting my freshly minted circuit boards. Once these show up I will assemble one and test it.

Then I will attempt to take a few pictures of the whole setup. Both the different iterations as well as the current semi-final state. That is also when I’ll post the code and Fritzing files, but for now my lunch hour is almost up and I need to get back to wrangling servers.

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