Control those shoelaces!

So if your like me you hate it when your shoelaces tickle your ankles, especially when running. If so I have a quick fix for you, and a slightly quicker fix as well.

First the quick fix. Take a short piece of Velcro (hook and loop tape, whatever you want to call it) and poke a few holes in it and add two grommets to it.

Shoelace control!
Shoelace control!

Once it is laced onto your shoe it does a fine job.


And now the quicker method. Take a twist tie and use it to tie the flapping laces to the crossed laces. This works great, I used it for more then a year, until you need to take your shoe off in a hurry and you have stripped off all the plastic from the twisty. Sorry no pics.

Now I’m off to make a few more lace controllers for the motorcycle boots. The last thing I want is to get the laces caught in the chain or rear wheel. Yikes!

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